About Us

Hello! My name is Kenny Lachney Jr. I started NOLA Reptiles in 2018 but my love for reptiles began long before that. I got my first reptile, a hingeback tortoise named Rock, in 2001 and quickly became fascinated! I kept tortoises for a while, then lizards, and I eventually got into snakes. My first snake was a corn snake in 2005 and I was hooked!!! Over the next 10 years, I kept various species of reptiles but corns were still my absolute favorite so in 2016, I decided to move away from all other species and start working exclusively with corns. My little boy was 4 at the time and was becoming more interested as well so in 2018, we began breeding our corn snakes and NOLA Reptiles was born! We really appreciate you checking out our website and hope you find your newest slithering family member here at NOLA Reptiles!!!